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Wekick is the first sport social network entirely dedicated to sports by focusing on grassroots athletes and sports professionals.

Sport is practiced globally by an increasing number of people. In the era of social media, the internet is used more and more as a tool to connect with friends, find jobs and stay up to date with current news.

Based on our research there is no strong Sport Social Media network to cater to sports enthusiasts all over the world that need to connect with peers, display their abilities and jumpstart a professional career.

Wekick intends to be the first to develop such a portal and to offer its customers a free account forever.


As a player, Wekick lets you create your sport profile, memories and statistics and share them with the sport community.


As an organisation, team or manager you can easily create and coordinate your events and teams with a simple user interface.

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Whether you’re a grassroots athlete wanting to showcase your latest achievements, a seasoned professional wanting to find a better engagement or simply want to find players, coaches and sports physicians in your area: Wekick is for you.